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Brand rejuvenation, or rebranding, is an essential strategy for companies seeking to stay relevant, broaden their audience and adapt to changing consumer trends and preferences. This involves breathing new life into and revitalising the image of an existing brand, by making significant changes to its identity, communication and public perception. Here are some key points to consider when rejuvenating your brand:

Reflection on the reasons for rebranding

Before embarking on a brand rejuvenation, it is crucial to understand why it is necessary. The reasons can vary, from adapting to new market trends, to targeting a younger audience, to correcting a negative or outdated image.

Audience analysis

Understanding your target audience is essential if you are to adapt your brand to their expectations. If you're looking to rejuvenate your brand, you need to understand the needs, values and behaviours of younger generations. This analysis will form the basis of your rebranding approach.

Revision of the visual identity

A key element of brand rejuvenation is updating the visual identity, including the logo, colours, typography and graphic elements. These elements need to reflect a modern aesthetic while remaining true to the essence of the brand.

Innovation in products or services

Rebranding can be an opportunity to rethink or diversify your offerings to meet changing market needs. Innovation in products or services can help to attract a new audience.

Evolution of the corporate culture

Brand rejuvenation may require internal changes to align with the new brand vision. This may include training employees, adopting new corporate values and promoting employee engagement.

Launch and communication

Once the brand transformation is ready, it is essential to present it to the public in a convincing way. A well-orchestrated launch, accompanied by a solid communications strategy, is essential to generate enthusiasm and buy-in.

Ongoing assessment

Rebranding does not end with the launch, it is an ongoing process. Companies need to monitor public reaction, brand performance and adjust their approach if necessary.

Tea logo modification: WMD
Caterer logo facelift: DASSONVILLE
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Brand rejuvenation is an exciting opportunity for companies toupdate their image, adapt to a constantly changing environment and connect with new audiences. However, it is essential to do this carefully, bearing in mind the coherence of the brand and ensuring that the changes are in line with the company's values and personality.

October 7, 2022

Tea logo modification: WMD

Graphic identity overhaul to modernise the logo of ADM, experts in bagging teas and herbal teas.

  • Strategy

    Les Ateliers du Moulin becomes LES ADM

  • Design

    As our reputation grew, we needed to stand out from the crowd with a massive, industrial and reassuring image.

  • Client

    Les Ateliers du Moulin

  • Tags

    food, drink, muslin bags, tea, herbal tea


Caterer logo facelift: DASSONVILLE

Modernisation and updating of the Gaël DASSONVILLE caterer logo near Bordeaux.

  • Strategy

    Display a more professional and qualitative image

  • Design

    Sobriety, elegance, light typefaces for a top-of-the-range visual appearance

  • Client


  • Tags

    chef, home chef, kitchen, meal, restoration, caterer