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Company videos

A tool

Corporate videos are an effective communication tool to promote your brand and your products to your target audience. They allow you to present your company in a professional manner and convey a clear, powerful message.

Corporate videos can be used for a variety of purposes, such as presenting new products, presenting the company itself, training employees, etc.

Positive perception of corporate films

A tool

There are different types of corporate video, each with its own advantages. Corporate presentation videos, for example, provide an overview of the company and its activitieswhile product videos allow you to highlight the features and benefits of your products.

Training videos can help to improve your employees' skills and increase their productivity.

A genuine communication tool

Corporate videos are a complete communication tool.


Some references and achievements

Technical basics

For a successful video,
a few key stages ...

First of all, it is important to clearly define the message you wish to convey.

Don't get bogged down in conjecture and details, take a line of conduct, an objective, a message to get across. And don't forget to take on the role of spectator: put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving the message.

Next, it is important to choose a video format suited to your message and your target audience.

There's no need to embark on a costly and perhaps ineffective peplum. Once you've set your objective, choose the most direct way of achieving it. For example, if you want to promote the quality of your flagship product, go straight to the in situ test - there's no need to dwell on the company's history.

It is also important to taking care of the quality of the videoBoth in image and sound.

Appearance is everything in communications. You are judged in the first 30 seconds: reflect your positioning. It doesn't have to be "over the top", but it should be in line with your strategy: for example, if you're selling at a high price, don't go for too much luxury, or you risk contradicting the message.

Finally, it is important to promote your video effectivelyby broadcasting it on social networks, video-sharing platforms, etc.

Tiktok, your YOUTUBE channelVimeo, ... all effective distribution channels depending, once again, on your target and your positioning.

In conclusion

Corporate video,
it's trendy and qualitative.

In conclusion, corporate videos are an effective communication tool that can help you promote your brand and your products to your target audience. To succeed, it's important to clearly define the message you want to convey, choose the right format, take care with the quality of the video and promote it effectively.

pochon la rochelle


The POCHON youtube channel

Experts in marine electronics and electricity, the company based in LA ROCHELLE has entrusted us with the entire creation of its YouTube channel. See the result, integrated into their corporate website.


corporate videos produced

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Your video speakers

Our team.

  • Régis PEIGNARD
    Cameraman - Director - Editor - Drone pilot

    I've been working for television and production companies for 15 years.

  • Régis PEIGNARD
  • François BLAZQUEZ
    Photo & video

    Professional corporate and industrial photographer

  • François BLAZQUEZ

    Artistic director and founder of the CHOCOLAT NOIR communications agency.


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