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Interior decorator website creation

decorator website

Creation of the Marie Rougie websiter, a renowned interior designer, by CHOCOLAT NOIR agencyrepresents a major turning point in the way its services are presented to the public. The aim was to design a digital space that not only reflects Marie's unique style and expertise, but also creates a fluid and engaging user experience for her potential customers.

The project began with a series of brainstorming meetings between Marie Rougier and the CHOCOLAT NOIR team. These sessions enabled Marie's vision and the site's objectives to be clearly defined. The emphasis has been on creating a design that evokes sophistication, elegance and creativity, elements that are central to Marie's interior design work.

The CHOCOLAT NOIR agency proposed a minimalist design with a neutral colour palette to highlight the high-resolution photographs of Marie's projects. These carefully selected images play a crucial role in the site, offering visitors a tangible glimpse of her talent and ability to transform spaces.

In addition to the project gallery, the site includes an "About" section Marie's career path, her design philosophy and the services she offers. Particular attention has been paid to making this section both informative and inspiring, in order to establish a personal connection with visitors.

One of the major challenges of the project was to optimise the user experience to make the site easier to navigate. CHOCOLAT NOIR integrated intuitive features such as fluid navigation, clear menus and visible calls to action to guide visitors to the information they were looking for. The site is also responsive, ensuring a quality experience on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The launch of the site was accompanied by a digital marketing campaign to increase Marie Rougier's visibility in the digital space. This strategy included SEO to improve the site's ranking in search results, as well as the use of social networks to share stories and highlights of interior design projects.

In short, the collaboration between Marie Rougier and the CHOCOLAT NOIR agency for the creation of her website resulted in an online space that perfectly embodies its brand identity and approach to interior design. This project illustrates how careful web design and a well thought-out digital strategy can boost a professional's online presence, paving the way for new opportunities and collaborations.

decorator website
decorator website
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