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Generative AI: images and illustrations

Generative AI

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Speed and Cost Reduction in Graphic Design

An image-generating AI can quickly create a variety of visuals, designs or illustrations. This can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with traditional graphic design. For companies that need regular visual content (such as for advertising campaigns, social networking, or product packaging), this technology offers a fast, cost-effective solution.

Product Prototyping and Visualisation

Companies can use generative AI to create virtual prototypes of their products. This allows designs to be visualised and modified before physical production, saving time and resources. What's more, it offers the possibility of testing several design variants without significant additional costs.

Personalisation and Targeted Marketing

Image-generating AI can be used to create personalised visual content that specifically targets customers' preferences and interests. For example, by generating personalised images for email marketing campaigns or online advertising, companies can improve customer engagement and the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

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Midjourney has around 15 million active users on its Discord server and 1,057,513 on Reddit. The community has grown by leaps and bounds, with a peak of between 80,000 and 90,000 new users a day.

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images per day!

Midjourney generates between 2 and 4 million unique images per day, approximately 25 to 45 images per second. To date, Midjourney has accumulated almost 974 million images.


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Capturing attention!

"Working with Chocolat Noir has been an incredible experience for our environmental awareness campaign. They were able to create powerful and evocative images that really captured the attention of our audience. Their expertise in generative AI is truly impressive and has had a significant impact on our cause."

Émilie T.

Head of Communications at ÉcoVoyage

A creative dimension!

"Working with Chocolat Noir has enabled us to visualise our architectural concepts in a completely new way. Their AI technology has not only accelerated our design process, but also brought a creative dimension that we were missing. It's a groundbreaking collaboration for our industry."

Marc D.

Creative Director at ArchiDesign

Design Quality

"Chocolat Noir has played a key role in the launch of our latest technology products. Their ability to generate realistic and engaging visuals of our products before they are even manufactured has greatly enhanced our development and marketing process."

Laura B.

Product Manager at TechInnov

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ChatGPT may be the first generative AI to emerge from the research labs and become known to the general public, but it is not the only one. All the big names in tech have been working on this for years.largely open source.

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The use of image-generating AI can deliver significant added value to businesses in terms of creativity, operational efficiency and personalised marketing. This enables you to remain competitive and innovative in a constantly evolving market.