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Motion design combines
animation, video, 3D and
visual effects in
a unique dynamic.


Professionals use tools such as After Effects or Maya to create animations, videos and visual effects for films, commercials, TV series, video games and websites.

It is also used in companies to create product presentations, training videos and marketing videos.


Motion design is becoming increasingly popular because it allows you to create immersive visual experiences for users, designs in motion that attract attention and captivate users.


Professionals in this field have skills in animation, graphic design, video editing, 3D and programming. They often work in teams with graphic designers, videographers and developers to create projects. The possibilities are endless in the field of motion design, and trends are constantly evolving to include new technologies and new creative ideas.


creation processes

Particle Systems

Particle systems can simulate many natural phenomena such as fire, explosion, smoke, water, clouds, dust, snow and fireworks, and animate them using forces acting on them (such as gravity, wind, inertia, etc.).

To make things easier to understand, let's take the example of fireworks, a relatively simple representation of such a system. Each particle system has an emitting entity: this entity generates particles (or points), but not necessarily at the same time. Each particle evolves according to different spatial and temporal parameters (speed, gravity, lifetime, etc.). In the example used, each element that emits light through the reaction of the exploding firework is a particle, and there will be two emitting objects. The first is the starting point of the rocket and the second is the point of explosion which releases incandescent particles. Some fireworks also have different reaction stages.

GLITCH: the fashionable effect!

Originally, the term glitch comes from English and means "bug" in French. This form of English is often used in the IT field to describe electronic or electrical faults that cause hardware failure. In short, "bug" is in fact the familiar concept of "error".

In photography, we often talk about glitch art or bug photo, terms that always convey the meaning of a flaw. In photography, however, it is a technique used deliberately to give a photograph a certain style. As a result, the effect of error or malfunction is not a defect suffered, but a deliberate defect. In the words of Terrence Morash, it is a "controllable defect"..


It's hard not to be captivated by abstract motion design. As far as our eye is concerned, this isa discovery, d'a visual unknown that's hard to put off. The public is caught up in a kind of hypnotic curiosity, the impact of which the most prestigious brands know.

The animated geometry follows the music, often minimalist in its dynamic design. Each component of the video is generated in such a way as to create new, random, moving shapes and textures.. Different materials and textures are used, including fabric and plastic.


No good craftsman
without the right tools.

We use standard motion design software. They guarantee the best results in the shortest possible time for 3D editing, imaging and animation.


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