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What is a prosthetic laboratory?

What is a prosthetic laboratory?

A denture laboratory is a specialized facility where highly skilled dental technicians design, fabricate and repair various types of dentures. These may include crowns, bridges, dentures (removable full or partial dentures), veneers, and dental implants, among others. The main objective of these laboratories is to create custom-made devices that meet the specific needs of each patient, in terms of functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

Functions and Services

Laboratory technicians often work closely with dentists to ensure that each prosthesis is perfectly adapted to the patient. This involves a detailed process that usually begins with the taking of dental impressions of the patient, which the dentist sends to the laboratory. From these impressions, the laboratory uses various materials (such as ceramic, metal, acrylic resin and composites) to create the prosthesis required.

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Advanced Technologies

With technological advances, many dental prosthesis laboratories incorporate state-of-the-art equipment, such as the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)3D printers and intra-oral scanners. These technologies enable prostheses to be manufactured more accurately and more quickly, thereby improving the quality of care for patients.

What is a prosthetic laboratory? An Essential Role in Dental Health

Prosthetic laboratories play an essential role in dental healthdental laboratories, helping individuals to regain normal dental function and improve their quality of life. Whether for aesthetic, functional or health reasons, the dental prostheses manufactured in these laboratories help to restore patients' smiles, enable efficient chewing and maintain the overall structure of the face.

What is a prosthetic laboratory?
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